Presentation: "Thinking about constitutional change from the bottom up"

25 June 2018

On 25 June 2018, Cheryl Saunders, co-convenor of the Constitution Transformation Network, participated as an expert panelist at the fifth ANU Crawford Leadership Forum.

Cheryl presented on a panel called "Creating a new case for constitutional reform". The 2000s was the first decade since federation without a referendum to attempt to change the constitution. The 2010s is on track to be the second. The panel sought to consider a number of related questions: Has the need for reform faded or has the willingness to take the political risk been lost? What will it take to build a new interest in updating the constitution? What should the priorities be? How do we start to build up a case for the reforms we want or need?

Cheryl's presentation focused on "Thinking About Constitutional Change From The Bottom-Up". She looked at options and approaches to direct democracy that could inform Australia's own approach to constitutional reform.