Publication: "Australian Federalism - Working better with other jurisdictions"

March 2019

In May 2018, the Australian Government established an independent review of the Australian Public Service (APS), to ensure that the APS would be fit-for-purpose for the coming decades. The review was intended to identify an ambitious program of transformational reforms to ensure the APS is fit-for-purpose for the coming decades, and to guide and accelerate future reform activities. Specifically, the scope of the review focused on examining the capability, culture and operating model of the APS and (2) making practical recommendations to ensure the APS is ready, over the coming decades, to best serve the Australian people.

The APS Review was led by an independent panel of six individuals with public and private sector experience, both in Australia and internationally. The Panel commissioned a range of reports to inform its review. One of these reports was authored by two ConTransNet members, Prof Cheryl Saunders and Michael Crommelin, working with Dr Ben Rimmer from the ANZ School of Government. Their report, "Working better with other jurisdictions", is an appraisal of the way in which the APS partners with other jurisdictions, and Australia’s First Nations. The team argue that the APS  needs to develop the capability and trust to support developing national approaches in which each participating jurisdiction makes a contribution, conscious that it is operating as part of an overall national endeavour in a federated Australia.

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