Publication: "Greater autonomy and independence for Bougainville: Institutional options and issues for transition"

30 April 2020

In November 2019, the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea (PNG) voted in a referendum on whether to pursue "greater autonomy" within PNG or independence. In advance of the referendum, the PNG National Research Institute (NRI) commissioned research to assist the PNG and Bougainville Governments to better understand the implications of each referendum option and how they might be implemented through the NRI Bougainville Referendum Research Project.

NRI commissioned ConTransNet to examine institutional arrangements for "greater autonomy" and "independence" to identify options and issues to consider. In late 2019, ConTransNet produced a short Briefing Note which was shared with Ministers and policy-makers in Bougainville. In April 2020, NRI launched ConTransNet's longer research report, which fleshed out the practical issues facing Bougainville in more detail. It is hoped that this research will help inform policy-makers strategies and decisions as they move forward with their negotiations.

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