Publication: "Securing Democracy: Australia’s Pandemic Response in Global Context"

By Dr Tom Daly

In response to COVID19, the School of Government at the University of Melbourne has established "Governing During Crises" (GDC) as a new research theme. With selected briefs produced in collaboration with COVID-DEM, the series seeks to develop the understanding of governing in the face of different types of crisis, at a time when Australia has recently faced the bushfire crisis, is currently addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, and faces even larger and longer-term challenges including climate change.

The GDC Policy Brief series aims to distill academic research into policy analysis and clear recommendations, drawing on the cutting-edge research taking place at the School of Government and the University of Melbourne more broadly, as well as the School of Government’s extensive global networks.

GDC Policy Brief No. 1 is titled  "Securing Democracy: Australia’s Pandemic Response in Global Context". As Australia’s lockdown eases, this Policy Brief places the Australian response to the COVID-19 pandemic in global perspective, focusing on how the pandemic has affected the democratic system and assessing how the government’s response complies with democratic standards. Australia has been a global leader in its COVID-19 response. However, six areas of concern requiring attention are set out.

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