Publication: "The Forum of Federations Handbook of Federal Countries 2020" - Chapters on Australia & Federated States of Micronesia

30 November 2020

CTN convenors Cheryl Saunders and Anna Dziedzic were invited to contribute chapters to the updated Forum of Federations Handbook of Federal Countries 2020. This resource for comparative federalism includes every federal country in the world, with each chapter providing an overview of the history of federalism, the constitutional structures for federal government, and recent trends.

Cheryl Saunders’ chapter Australia: Using Innovation in a Dual Federation describes the historical development of Australia’s federation, its constitutional features, and recent developments in the judicial interpretation of the division of powers, and the impact of globalisation on the dynamics of the Australian federation.

Anna Dziedzic’s chapter Federated States of Micronesia: Uniting a Federal Archipelago, highlights the innovative features of FSM’s federal system tailored to its history, the culture and traditions of its Indigenous peoples, its island archipelago geography and its position as a small island developing state.