Seminar: "Brexit: Law, Constitution and Market"

20 March 2018

In this important and topical lecture, Professor Richard Rawlings (Professor of Public Law, University College London), one of the UK’s leading constitutional experts, addressed a central yet unexplored ramification of Brexit: the construction of ‘a UK single market’ to facilitate domestic commerce, pave the way for international trade deals and protect national resources.

Common EU frameworks have so far provided common UK frameworks but with the advent of Brexit there is a pressing need for ‘re-regulation’ to cover what would otherwise be a yawning gap. Construction of a common economic framework is a major challenge for any multi-level system of government, but is uniquely challenging in the UK given the continuing demands for Scottish independence, the economic as well as political circumstances on the island of Ireland, and the fusion of UK government with the government of England.

In discussing the way forward for Prime Minister May’s ‘global Britain’, the lecture examined the ‘where’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of re-regulation via the competing perspectives of central government and the devolved administrations, as well as the Irish Government.

Professor Richard Rawlings is the 2018 Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellow. This fellowship program enables overseas scholars of international distinction to make an extended visit to the University and contribute to its academic, intellectual and cultural life.

Click to watch a video of Professor Rawlings lecture.