Seminar: "Climate Change Advocacy in Federal Systems"

June 2019

On 5 June 2019, Ms Jayani Nadarajalingam, CTN Co-Convenor, facilitated a session titled “Be the change: running for office” as part of The Climate Reality Project’s Leadership Corps in Brisbane. Amongst other issues, and drawing on work by Professors Cheryl Saunders and Michael Crommelin, Jayanni spoke about Australia’s multi-level government structure and how it could be strategically utilised in order to undertake climate related action.She discussed examples of climate change action being taken by local and state level governments, of relevance both to Australian and overseas climate change advocates. Approximately 200 participants attended the session.

The Climate Reality Project, led by its founder and chairman, former US Vice President Al Gore, was holding its 41st Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Brisbane, Australia. The intensive three-day event provides citizens concerned about the future of our planet with a strong understanding of climate science as well as the critical communications, strategy, and advocacy skills necessary to mobilise communities and catalyse solutions to the climate crisis.