Seminar: "Roadmap for a new Chilean Constitution"

6 October 2020

On Sunday 25 October 2020, Chileans were given the opportunity to either approve or reject constitutional change, before deciding on who they want to author a new constitution – a mixed assembly of politicians and citizens, or a constituent assembly composed entirely of popularly elected representatives. This two-step referendum is an innovation on public participation, with voters involved in deciding both whether to undertake reform, and then who should guide the reform process.

In advance of the vote, CTN Co-Convenor Cheryl Saunders participated in a webinar, organised by Chilean NGO Horizontal, which looked at "Lessons from International Experiences: A Roadmap for a New Constitution". Cheryl shared her experiences of how other constitutional processes have been designed and progressed, in contexts of democratic transition. The discussed, held as an online webinar, also included constitutional experts Sumit Bisarya and Tom Ginsburg, and was moderated by Hernan Larrain.