Seminars: "The Socialist Constitutional Legacy in Central Asia"

11 and 25 September 2019

On 11 September, Dr Aziz Ismatov, Assistant Professor at the Nagoya University Center for Asian Legal Exchange gave a seminar at MLS on "Central Asian Constitutionalism". His presentation recognised that in much of Central Asia, constitutions remain largely irrelevant to day-to-day politics, because in many places, both constitutions and constitutional courts have been viewed as a western transplant, unsuited to the demands of public power. The seminar surveyed the history of Uzbek constitutionalism to examine the challenge and prospects for building central Asian constitutionalism. He then discussed possible strategies that embed constitutionalism in the local culture of the region.

On 25 September, Dr Ismatov presented at a second seminar at MLS on "Late Socialist Constitutional Review: A Model for Central Asian Constitutionalism". Using Uzbekistan as a case study,  he reflected on the 'rediscovery' of late Soviet debates about a socialist version of constitutional review offer the possibility of reinvigorating post-Soviet constitutional review.