Seminars: "Cities in Federal Theory Workshop 2019"

20-21 June 2019

In June 2019, Dr. Erika Arban organised the "Cities in Federal Theory Workshop" at Melbourne Law School. The workshop aimed to gather scholars from around the world to engage in a broad discussion about the role and place of cities in federalism. More precisely, the workshop aims at investigating whether metropolitan areas in federal and quasi-federal systems have the potential to become the new strategic level of governance to accommodate diverse communities in vast areas displaying unique socio-economic and political traits, as well as the legal stratagems and tools to better respond to the specific pressures and exigencies of densely populated areas.

Members of the ConTransNet team actively participated in the Workshop as presenters and commentators. Specifically:

  • Tom Daly was a Commentator on Panel 1 on Africa, responding to a paper on "Intergovernmental relations, divided societies and capital cities: The case of the Ethiopian capital";
  • Tarun Khaitan was a Commentator on Panel 3 on Argentina and India, responding to papers on "Municipal regimes and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires in Argentina" and "Unpacking ‘local self-government’: the incomplete power of cities in India’s constitutional scheme";
  • Michael Crommelin was a Commentator on Panel 4 on Canada, responding to a paper on "Theories of federalism and Canadian cities";
  • Will Partlett presented a paper on"The federal benefits of urbanizing criminal law reform" during Panel 6 on the United States, and Cheryl Saunders was a Commentator on the whole panel.