Webinar: "COVID-19 and Impacts on Constitutional Democracy"

21 July 2020

COVID-DEM Director Tom Daly (who is also a Convenor of the Constitution Transformation Network) joined Justice Gilmar Mendes of the Supreme Court of Brazil and Prof. Aline Osório, Secretary-General of the Superior Election Court, for a wide-ranging online discussion of how the pandemic has affected constitutional democracy.

With over 2m cases and almost 80,000 deaths, an extremely poor response by the federal government, and states left to find their own way, the coronavirus has exposed serious deficiencies across government and the political system in Brazil - adding to what has been a series of worsening democratic crises since 2013. We'll be discussing the negatives, key priorities (e.g. holding elections), and the potential for longer-term reform, from both the Brazilian and global perspectives.