Webinar: "Loss of Majority in Parliament & Forming a New Government - Guiding Constitutional Principles & Conventions"

25 February 2021

On 25 February 2021, Dr Anna Dziedzic, one of the ConTransNet Convenors, was invited to present at the Constitutional and Rule of Law Webinar Series, jointly organised by LawAsia, the South PAcific Lawyers Association, the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and the Law Council of Australia.

Anna presented comparative insights on the topic of no confidence votes, with a focus on developments in the Pacific, at the panel on 'Loss of Majority in Parliament & Forming a New Government: The Guiding Constitutional Principles & Conventions”. A recording of the panel and the other webinars in the series are available at  https://lawasia.asn.au/loss-majority-parliament-forming-new-government.

Webinar Video - courtesy Law Asia