UNDP Pacific Research Project - "Strengthening parliamentary governance and citizen engagement"

In July 2021, CTN was recently awarded a research consultancy by the United Nations Development Programme Pacific Office to develop two Policy Briefs which are intended to inform the approaches of Pacific officials and civil society and to deliver two webinars on each of the Policy Briefs.

The first Policy Brief examines parliamentary governance arrangements in the region, with a specific focus on the stable and peaceful formation and succession of parliamentary governments. This Policy Brief draws on Pacific and global case studies of good practice approaches which could inform national approaches.

The second Policy Brief explores approaches to improving citizen's engagement with Pacific parliaments and government bodies. In this context. it is notable that CTN Convenors Cheryl Saunders and Tom Daly ran an intensive course course on citizen engagement at Melbourne Law School called Bringing in the People in 2020, which dealt with the many ways in which ‘the people’ are or can be involved directly in decision-making on important public issues, rather than through elected representatives. This work was used to inform the Policy Brief.

The Policy Briefs were submitted to the UNDP Pacific Office in October 2021 and are currently under  review before being finally published. In November, CTN  collaborated with UNDP  to  facilitate four webinars for Members of Parliament from across the Pacific region, as well as with civil society.  The first two webinars focused on forming and managing parliamentary government, with good practice examples being shared from New Zealand and the Australian Capital Territory. The second set of two webinars focused on citizen engagement, sharing good practice case studies from Ireland, Melbourne and the Philippines. CTN was subsequently invited by UNDP to facilitate another webinar on forming and managing government for the more than 30 members of the Fiji Parliament only.

The Policy Briefs will be shared here once they are published by the UNDP Pacific Office.