VIDEO: Professor Adrienne Stone’s legal perspective on Life Beyond COVID-19

Last week, a panel of experts from across The University of Melbourne, came together to discussLife Beyond Coronavirus: What will it take to end isolation?”. MLS Professor Adrienne Stone was there to give insights from a legal perspective. Here are some of the highlights…

The COVIDSafe app

The panel discussed the merits of the federal government’s COVIDSafe app. Here’s Adrienne on that topic...

What are the safeguards we need to have in place to ensure COVIDSafe is not misused?

When it come to assessing safeguards, Adrienne says government, courts, free media and the Australian public need to be involved and engaged.

How can we ensure that the rights of vulnerable members of society are maintained?

Adrienne discusses the vulnerable position of incarcerated people, and how certain responses to COVID-19, such as social distancing, may impinge on the freedoms of minority communities.

What would a positive lasting legacy to the coronavirus pandemic experience look like?

Whether it be the success of the National Cabinet process, or the continued affirmation of scientific fact in Australian political discourse, Adrienne shares her thoughts.

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