PhD Confirmation Seminar by Juan Tellez


PhD Confirmation Seminar by Juan Tellez

Level 6, Room 608
185 Pelham Street, Carlton


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T: 9035 3017

Under the supervision of Professor Bernadette McSherry, Professor John Tobin and Dr Lisa Brophy, Juan will present his thesis titled, 'Mending the Patchwork: Human Rights and the Regulation of Chemical Restraint in Australian Health Settings'.


Restrictive practices refer to various forms of restraint and seclusion that are used in a range of health settings to control behaviour and minimise risk of harm. These practices are controversial due to the adverse physical and psychological consequences that can occur. Chemical restraint refers to the use of medication primarily to control behaviour and minimise risk of harm, rather than to treat a medical or mental health condition. Attempts to regulate its use are currently influenced by human rights law. This thesis will investigate the ways in which ‘the problem’ of chemical restraint is presented in human rights informed laws and policy in comparison to practice. It will use the ‘What’s the Problem Represented to Be?’ approach to highlight the gaps between regulation and practice, and argue that acknowledging different problem representations may lead to bridging those gaps.


  • Mr Juan Tellez
    Mr Juan Tellez, PhD Candidate