Is the model of business format franchising broken? And can it be fixed?


Is the model of business format franchising broken? And can it be fixed?

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The media is again awash with stories of franchising woe. Looming questions remain about the viability and sustainability of business format franchising in Australia and the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the legal regulation of this organisational model. Such concerns have not only prompted far-reaching reforms to federal labour laws, but a parliamentary inquiry is now on foot. This joint seminar will provide complementary perspectives on some of the most pressing legal issues facing the franchising sector.
Jenny will explore the many myths that surround the business format franchise model. These include: that franchising is more successful than stand-alone businesses; that if only franchisees would do proper due diligence they would not buy into dud systems; and that all solutions lie with a stronger Franchising Code of Conduct and a better resourced ACCC. Tess will discuss key provisions of the Protecting Vulnerable Workers’ legislation aimed at addressing the problem of systemic wage theft in franchises. She will also consider the way in which competition and consumer regulation can facilitate and hinder franchisee compliance with labour standards.


  • Professor Jenny Buchan
    Professor Jenny Buchan, University of New South Wales
  • Dr Tess Hardy
    Dr Tess Hardy, Senior Lecturer