Emerging Frontiers in International Environmental Law


Emerging Frontiers in International Environmental Law

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International environmental law is a relatively new and dynamic field of international law. It draws on multidisciplinary inputs (science, politics, international relations, economics etc) in designing multilateral and innovative legal tools for dealing with a diverse array of complex environmental problems (climate change, marine pollution, biodiversity loss, hazardous waste disposal etc). In the last decade, international environmental law has acquired considerable breadth, depth, nuance, complexity, and reach. It is now more deeply interconnected with policy and legal efforts in many other fields, including international trade and investment, human rights and migration, energy, technology innovation and intellectual property protection.

This seminar brings together expert contributors to the planned 2nd edition of the Oxford Handbook on International Environmental Law (edited by Lavanya Rajamani and Jacqueline Peel) to discuss developments and innovations in their respective areas of expertise to be covered in the book. In particular, the seminar will feature presentations on: the interface of science with international environmental law; the impact of intellectual property law on international environmental law; efforts to deal with fragmentation, including the draft Global Pact for the Environment; and key challenges in national implementation of international environmental laws. This seminar will offer an excellent opportunity to hear from leading experts in these areas and feedback from participants will be used by authors in refining their chapters for the Handbook.


  •  Sam Johnston
    Sam Johnston, Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)
  • Professor Matthew Rimmer
    Professor Matthew Rimmer, Professor, Intellectual Property and Innovation
  • Associate Professor Margaret Young
    Associate Professor Margaret Young, Director of Studies, Environmental Law
  • Ms Alice Palmer
    Ms Alice Palmer, Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)
  • Professor Jacqueline Peel
    Professor Jacqueline Peel, Associate Dean, Melbourne Law Masters