Is the trade mark register too cluttered?


Is the trade mark register too cluttered?

This seminar is part of a series which has been generously supported by IP Australia.

Companies and trade mark attorneys are probably familiar with the struggle to find a good, attractive trade mark in what seems to always be a crowded field. Some of the problem might just be competition, but there has been concern that part of the problem is that the trade marks register is full of unused, or overly broad marks. In its Inquiry into IP Arrangements, the Australian Productivity Commission suggested this was a problem and suggested some reforms. But is there a problem – and if there is, what would a sensible solution look like? In this seminar we will hear two perspectives on these questions: from trade mark scholar and attorney Professor Robert Burrell, and Haiyang Zhang, who will talk about new research out of the Office of the Chief Economist at IP Australia.


  • Dr Haiyang Zhang
    Dr Haiyang Zhang, IP Australia
  • Professor Robert  Burrell
    Professor Robert Burrell, University of Sheffield