Book Launch Remedies for Breach of Privacy edited by Jason NE Varuhas & Nicole Moreham


Book Launch Remedies for Breach of Privacy edited by Jason NE Varuhas & Nicole Moreham

Room 920
Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street


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The book will be introduced by the editors, Professor Jason N E Varuhas, Melbourne Law School and Professor Nicole Moreham, Victoria University of Wellington.

The book will be launched by Hon Chris Maxwell AC, President of the Court of Appeal of Victoria, and Hon Marcia Neave AO, former Judge of the Court of Appeal of Victoria

Over the last 15 years, privacy actions have been recognised at common law or in equity across common law jurisdictions, and statutory privacy protections have proliferated. Apex courts are now being called upon to articulate the law governing remedies, including in high-profile litigation concerning phone hacking, covert filming and release of personal information. Yet despite the practical significance of the courts' approach to damages, injunctions and other remedies for breach of privacy, very little has been written on the topic. This book comprehensively analyses these important developments from a comparative perspective and provides solutions to issues which are coming to light as higher courts forge this remedial jurisprudence and practitioners look for guidance. Significantly, the essays are important not only for what they say about remedies, but also for the attention they give to the nature of the new privacy actions, providing deep insights into substantive law.

The book includes contributions by academics, practitioners and judges from Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the United States, who are expert in the legal disciplines implicated by privacy remedies, including torts, equity, public law and conflict of laws. By bringing together this range of perspectives, the book offers authoritative insights into this cutting-edge topic. It will be essential reading for all those seeking to understand and resolve the new issues associated with privacy remedies.

Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the event.


  • The Honourable Marcia Neave
    The Honourable Marcia Neave,
  • The Honourable Chris Maxwell
    The Honourable Chris Maxwell,
  • Professor Nicole Moreham
    Professor Nicole Moreham, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Professor Jason Varuhas
    Professor Jason Varuhas, Melbourne Law School