Book Launch: Company Directors' Duties and Conflicts of Interest


Book Launch: Company Directors' Duties and Conflicts of Interest

Staff Common Room, Level 9
Law 106
185 Pelham Street


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The Obligations Group and the Centre for Corporate Law of Melbourne Law School invite you to join us in celebrating the launch by Justice Michelle Gordon, AC, of Dr Rosemary Teele Langford's book - Company Directors' Duties and Conflicts of Interest.

Company Directors’ Duties and Conflicts of Interest provides detailed analysis on directors’ duties arising under UK case law, codes and statutory regulation, with extensive reference to the law in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The book provides comprehensive analysis of the conflicts faced by directors, including conflicts of duties, unauthorised profits, corporate opportunities, multiple directorships, nominee directorships, and conflicts involving stakeholders’ interests. The author subjects difficult aspects of these topics to rigorous and original analysis informed by a range of common law jurisdictions. This extensive, multi-jurisdictional examination presents solutions to complex legal issues that have, to date, confounded courts and commentators alike and enables clarification of existing legal approaches. This is both a key reference work set in a practical legal context and an exhaustive and original theoretical re-assessment of this important and dynamic area of company law.


  • Dr Rosemary Teele Langford
    Dr Rosemary Teele Langford, Associate Professor
  • The Honourable Justice Michelle Gordon
    The Honourable Justice Michelle Gordon, High Court of Australia