PhD Completion Seminar by Josi Khatarina


PhD Completion Seminar by Josi Khatarina

Level 6, Room 608
Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street


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T: 9035 3017

Under the supervision of Professor Tim Lindsey and Associate Professor Margaret Young, Josi will present her thesis titled, 'Decentralisation, Governance, and the Failure of Palm Oil Licensing in Indonesia'.


The thesis seeks to understand the reasons for the central government’s failure to adequately manage natural resources in the context of decentralisation in Indonesia. Using a socio-legal case study of the national palm oil plantation licensing system, this research finds that the central government’s failure to ensure compliance and improve the quality of natural resource management through licensing is mainly the result of an absence of good governance. This is, in turn, rooted in the interplay of a poor legal framework, a lack of supportive institutional set-up and the absence of political will.


  •  Josi Khatarina
    Josi Khatarina, PhD Candidate