MLS Alumni Seminar with Tom Dreyfus


MLS Alumni Seminar with Tom Dreyfus

Slate Restaurant Bar
9 Goldsbrough Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000


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In his short career as a lawyer, Tom Dreyfus rose to the heights of the legal industry, including working as an associate to Justice Keane at the High Court and obtaining his LLM at Columbia University. However, last year, he started something very different. Now, he is CEO of Josef, a world-renowned legal tech startup. Josef works with the best legal teams across the globe, from Herbert Smith Freehills to the American Bar Association, helping them to transform the way legal services are delivered.

Join us to hear why Tom made the move and how he, Josef and its customers are at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry.


  •  Tom Dreyfus
    Tom Dreyfus, Co-founder and CEO of Josef