PhD Confirmation Seminar by Tess Whitton


PhD Confirmation Seminar by Tess Whitton

Level 2, Room 224
Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street


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T: 9035 3017

Under the supervision of Professor Jane Kaye and Associate Professor Mark Taylor, Tess will present her thesis titled, 'A critical role for adaptive regulation of emerging health technology: a comparative case study'.


New governance approaches are critical to regulating progression of emerging health technologies. Emerging technologies are developing rapidly. The uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity are exposing the flaws in traditional governance approaches. Effective governance will recognise competing concerns stemming from technical, ethical, social and legal implications of innovation that change over time. Governance that is more adaptive will facilitate flourishing technologies into the future. It will provide a framework to guide change. This project will investigate ‘adaptive governance’ through case studies involving biomodification by design. The project aims to synthesise important lessons about how we might govern for these challenges.


  • Ms Tess Whitton
    Ms Tess Whitton, PhD Candidate