A Great Debate: Are the Geneva Conventions Relevant 70 Years on?


A Great Debate: Are the Geneva Conventions Relevant 70 Years on?

1st Floor, 185 Pelham Street


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Are the Geneva Conventions still relevant 70 years after their adoption? Can laws forged in the fire of WWII - a conflict predominantly fought by state armed forces using conventional weapons - adequately regulate modern conflicts involving non-state armed actors, cyber operations and terrorist agendas - with the spectre of autonomous weapons using artificial intelligence on the horizon? Are the Geneva Conventions, agreed in an era of hope in multilateralism and collective security, bound to be cast aside in a time when the international rules-based order faces an existential crisis? Come along to our Great Debate, co-hosted by the Victorian IHL Advisory Committee and the Asia-Pacific Centre for Military Law, and hear two teams of heavy-hitting, quick-talking experts debate the relevance of the Geneva Conventions 70 years on.


  • Ms Yvette Zegenhagen
    Ms Yvette Zegenhagen, National Manager
  •  Arun Lambert
    Arun Lambert, Colonel
  • Dr Jonathan Kolieb
    Dr Jonathan Kolieb, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Carrie McDougall
    Dr Carrie McDougall, Senior Lecturer
  • Mr Abuzar Mazoori