Beyond the Binary: Enacting Freedom of Gender Expression

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Beyond the Binary: Enacting Freedom of Gender Expression

Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theatre
Arts West


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2019 Wednesday Lectures hosted by Raimond Gaita

Terms such as 'gender fluidity', 'non-binary' and 'non-conforming gender' serve both as descriptors of, and as refusals of, identity categorisation. Consequences of the public visibility of diverse gender identities include: an option to decide whether or not to enter gender on a child’s birth certificate; prescribed hormone levels for competing in elite sport; and increased scrutiny of the legitimacy of gender as a criteria for entry into institutions.

In the third installment of the series, Associate Professor Kate MacNeill will review a number of current events to explore the ways in which legal rights can constrain fluidity, and how category naming can serve to narrow the spaces for those who seek to exist beyond regulation.


  • Associate Professor Kate MacNeill
    Associate Professor Kate MacNeill, Director, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences; Associate Dean, Graduate Studies