Uso! Big Lies and Corporate Coverups in Japan


Uso! Big Lies and Corporate Coverups in Japan

Room 628, Level 6
Melbourne Law School


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Despite their reputation for quality and detail, Japanese manufacturers are continually found to have falsified safety inspection data. One recent example involves a company that makes earthquake shock absorbers installed in high-rise structures such as Tokyo Skytree and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government headquarters as well as buildings for the 2020 Olympics. In this instance and many others, the potential results of the distortions can be devastating. Even so, the pattern persists: lies are told, the truth is eventually discovered, corporate executives ritually bow to apologize, promises are made, and the problem disappears from the public eye until the next time. The paper recounts notable cases, discusses the social and business dynamics behind the lies, and considers the legal consequences (and the lack thereof).

This seminar is hosted jointly by the Asian Law Centre, Centre for Corporate Law and the Centre for Media and Communications Law.


  • Professor Dan Rosen
    Professor Dan Rosen, Chuo Law School