MLS Alumni Seminar with Associate Professor Megan Munsie


MLS Alumni Seminar with Associate Professor Megan Munsie

Slate Restaurant Bar
9 Goldsbrough Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000


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Cashing in on hope: The big business of selling stem cells

For many, stem cell science and regenerative medicine are synonymous with hope for a future free of suffering. Such hopes are not only held by patients and their loved ones, but also by researchers who seek to bring new therapies to the clinic. However, over the last decade private stem cell clinics in Australia and abroad have used online marketing to build an industry offering the illusion of help. This presentation will explore the role of regulation and professional standards in providing better safeguards for consumers in the context of high hopes, conflicting information and scientific uncertainties.


  • Associate Professor Megan Munsie
    Associate Professor Megan Munsie, Deputy Director, Centre for Stem Cell Systems | Head - Engagement, Ethics & Policy Program, Stem Cells Australia