Ensuring Trustworthy AI: From Principles to Action


Ensuring Trustworthy AI: From Principles to Action

AI ethics are increasingly recognised as important if not critical. We have many offerings of AI ethical codes and frameworks. Central features of ethical AI are that it is transparent and not biased. Explainability, accountability and safety are also often listed. But what do these kinds of features mean when translated into action? How are they understood when dealing with a machine? How do we create trust in citizens that these principles are effective in protecting them in their use of AI, and in preserving the fundamental social values and rights?

This seminar explores these issues with renowned expert in social and ethical AI, Virginia Dignum, along with a panel discussion including leading industry innovators: Fiona Borrelli (Sargon), Jess Perrin (InfoXchange) and Antony Ugoni (Seek).


  • Professor Virginia Dignum
    Professor Virginia Dignum, Department of Computing Science