PhD Completion Seminar by Philip Hainbach


PhD Completion Seminar by Philip Hainbach

Level 9, Room 920
Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street


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Under the supervision of Professor Jurgen Kurtz and Associate Professor Margaret Young, Philip will present his thesis titled, 'Renewable Energies in International Trade and Investment Law'.


The thesis will critically analyse the coverage and treatment of domestic renewable energy policies in international economic law. It will focus on the interplay between the policy instruments that states use to foster a transition toward renewable energies and the conflicting constraints imposed by the legal regimes of international trade and investment law. A central goal of this analysis is to explore how the constraints applying to national energy transition policies have evolved over time (i.e. through hermeneutic shifts in interpretation by adjudicatory bodies and\or re-calibrated treaty-making by states) and whether this evolution leaves sufficient policy space to reconcile states climate change mitigation objectives with contemporary international economic law. Additionally, the thesis will place a particular focus on the variations between international trade and investment law in regulating renewable energies and the underlying rationales for the potentially different approaches.


  • Mr Philip Hainbach
    Mr Philip Hainbach, PhD Candidate