Supermarket Power in Australia: Looking Back and Ahead Public Symposium


Supermarket Power in Australia: Looking Back and Ahead Public Symposium

2018 marks important milestones in the ongoing debate about the role and impact of the major supermarket chains in Australia’s grocery sector, economy and society.

Next year is the 10th anniversary of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s significant report into grocery prices, the year in which there will be a government review of the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct introduced in 2015 and five years since the first Supermarket Power Symposium convened by the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

Hosted by the University of Melbourne in 2017, this academically guided symposium brings together representatives from industry, government, the legal profession and civic society to explore key issues relating to competition, fair trading and consumers, reflecting on significant developments over the last decade and looking ahead to foreshadow future directions in the sector.

Inspired by a major research project being conducted by the University, the symposium has a particular focus on analysing and assessing the approach taken to regulation of competition and fair trading in the sector and draws for this purpose on insights from overseas experience.


The Symposium is organised by Professor Caron Beaton-Wells, in conjunction with Emeritus Professor David Merrett of the University of Melbourne, Adjunct Professor Christopher Arup of Monash University, Honorary Associate Professor Jane Dixon of the Australian National University, and Research Fellow Jo Paul of the University of Melbourne.