The Rule of Law in a Post-Truth Era

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The Rule of Law in a Post-Truth Era

David P Derham theatre
185 Pelham Street


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2017 Sir Kenneth Bailey Memorial Lecture Presented by Emeritus Professor Gillian Triggs

As the internet and social media provide unprecedented access to information and commentary, a curious and probably unforeseen consequence has been that responses to contemporary problems are increasingly emotional and ideological. Research reports, scientific evidence and balanced reports are often ignored in favour of subjective, entrenched views. If facts don’t matter, how can public policy and laws be developed to address today's challenges? This public lecture will consider the implications of a “post- truth” era on the rule of law in the context of marriage equality, indigenous policy and vulnerable children.

About the Sir Kenneth Bailey Memorial Lecture Series

The Sir Kenneth Bailey Memorial Lecture honours the Fourth Dean of the Melbourne Law School, Kenneth Hamilton Bailey, who played a significant part in Australia's contribution to the formation of the United Nations. Kenneth Hamilton Bailey was born in Melbourne in 1898, was awarded the Rhodes scholarship for Victoria in 1919 and graduated Oxford with a degree in Law and Arts. Bailey returned to The University of Melbourne in 1924, where he became a Professor of Jurisprudence, and later, a Professor of Public Law. When he succeeded Harrison Moore in 1928, Sir Kenneth Bailey became Melbourne’s first Australian-born Dean of Law. The Sir Kenneth Bailey Memorial Lecture was inaugurated at the Commemoration of the Centenary of the 1899 Hague Peace Conference on 19 February 1999 at the University of Melbourne.


  • Professor Emeritus Gillian Triggs
    Professor Emeritus Gillian Triggs, University of Melbourne