Women in Court and Changing Lives


Women in Court and Changing Lives

12 years of collaboration between the Supreme Court of Indonesia, the Family Court of Australia and the PEKKA Civil Society Organisation

This discussion will present a somewhat unorthodox and, to many eyes, counter-intuitive story of improving women’s access to family courts in Indonesia. The story will trace the complex path of how changes in access to paralegals and family law courts changed women's lives and those of their children. How does a million more women accessing the family law courts for Muslim citizens in Indonesia (the Religious Courts) in the last decade affect the individual lives of women and girls? The discussion will also cover PEKKA’s fledgling scholarship programme so that girls from female-headed households are now encouraged to complete 12 years of education and to contemplate tertiary or vocational studies rather than join the 25% of Indonesian girls who marry before they turn 18 years of age. A tangible way to see how improving women’s access to Family Law Courts creates a dynamic of intergenerational change and opportunity for their girls and boys.

Hosted by the Family and Children's Law Research Group and the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society, Melbourne Law School.


  • Ms Leisha Lister
    Ms Leisha Lister, Law & Development Partners
  • Ms Cate Sumner
    Ms Cate Sumner, Director
  • Ms Nani Zulminarni
    Ms Nani Zulminarni, National Coordinator