Who Owns Your DNA?


Who Owns Your DNA?

G08 Theatre
Ground Floor, Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street


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T: 9035 1111


HeLEX Research Program Launch

Panel discussion chaired by Professor Jane Kaye and presented by Richard Vines, Professor Emma Kowal, Dr Wendy Bonython and Christine Kenneally.

With ever more people undergoing DNA testing for health reasons, as part of scientific research, to trace their family tree or just for ‘fun’, the question of who owns our DNA has become of critical importance. While intuitively we think we own our DNA, the legal position is quite different. Attention to this issue has grown as the commercial value of DNA and tissue and samples becomes more evident.

‘Who Owns Your DNA?’ is a public event to launch a new research program on law, health and emerging technologies at Melbourne Law School that brings together researchers from the University of Melbourne and the University of Oxford. The event will showcase some of Australia’s leading thinkers on these issues, drawing on perspectives from law and ethics, biomedicine, history, anthropology and patient advocacy.


  • Professor Jane Kaye
  •  Christine  Kenneally
    Christine Kenneally , Author and Journalist
  • Dr Wendy Bonython
    Dr Wendy Bonython, Associate Professor
  • Professor Emma Kowal
    Professor Emma Kowal, Professor of Anthropology
  •  Richard Vines