Annual HGSA Tasmania Seminar

HGSA Victoria_Tasmania Annual Seminar

On 23rd August 2018, Tasmanian HGSA members hosted Associate Professor Mark Taylor from the University of Melbourne for the annual HGSA TAS seminar.

Mark has recently moved to Australia from Sheffield University in the UK. He is associate professor in Health Law and Regulation and the deputy director of HeLEX@Melbourne which is a newly established research team focusing on Health, law and emerging technologies at the University of Melbourne.

Mark’s research interests include the regulation of personal information with particular emphasis on health information. Mark gave an excellent seminar called “Who owns your DNA?” In what was a very timely presentation with the current debates surrounding the Federal Government’s MyHealthRecord legislation, he explored the ownership of DNA data from a property law perspective and discussed the legislation and ethics around law enforcement agencies gaining access to health and genomic data. The seminar was very well attended and a lively discussion followed the formal presentation.

Mark is developing collaborative opportunities with the Centre for Law and Genetics at the University of Tasmania who have a long term research interest in the ethics and legal issues surrounding genetics and genomics.