• Directory of Australian Associations (CrownContent)

    Jurisdiction: Australia


    Comprehensive guide to every association and interest group in Australia, including the non-profit sector.

    Content: Sport and recreation organisations, cultural, social, ethnic, business/ professional associations, environmental organisations etc. 

    Entries include: Information includes the aims, objectives, affiliations, publications, and membership information of each organisation, events and conferences and the names and contact details of leaders, officers, staff details, state branches, membership data, frequency of meetings and history. 

    With extensive details on over 4,000 organisations and 9,000 key personnel.

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    Link: Catalogue

    Coverage: 2003+

  • Europa World Plus (Routledge) Listed in the Catalogue as Europa World: The Europa World Year Book Online

    Jurisdiction: Southern Africa, Far East, Australasia


    Offers detailed commentary on events in the region, in both their historical and contemporary context, in 2010–11.  Includes some indigenous material within the country profiles, as well as comparative statistics, and information on international organisations.  For example, comparative stats can be obtained on the following: Area & Population, Health & Welfare, Agriculture, Industry, Finance, External Trade, and Education.

    Presents political and economic information on countries and territories as well as international organizations.  Features statistical data and directories, and extensive coverage of international organizations active in the Far East and Australasia, together with background information on the major commodities of Asia and the Pacific, detailed listings of research institutes studying the region, and comprehensive bibliographies of books and periodicals. 

    The subscription is limited to 5 simultaneous users.

    Access: Access via Catalogue

    Link: Europa World Plus

    Coverage: 2003+