AGLC Online Report

AGLC4 will be the first version of the guide that will be released alongside an online web-app companion called AGLC OnlineAGLC Online will automate the process of legal referencing for 100% compliance with the latest version of AGLC. Users will also be able to save and organise bibliographies that they have created using the tool.

The AGLC Online Development Team was founded in August 2016. The original members are Alexander Di Stefano, Anna Liu, Stephen Lee, Jack North and Arj Wijegunaratne. The team workshopped the requirements of the application, which went out to tender. A developer has been contracted and has been working with the team to develop the application.

AGLC Online is currently in its final development phase. Following development, the application will be tested by the team and other Members of the Review before it is released. The AGLC Online Development Team has also recently hired two new Members, Nick Felstead and Nicholas Gillies, to work alongside existing Members to plan the future direction of the project. The new Members have also been assisting existing Members on the sponsorship and marketing components of the project.

Arj Wijegunaratne, Alexander Di Stefano, Anna Liu and Stephen Lee (left to right), Members of the AGLC Online Development Team at the Annual Dinner