Community Program Report

In 2017, the Community Program entered its fifth year, with Review members continuing to provide editorial and research assistance to Community Legal Centres (‘CLCs’).

This year, the Community Program sought to continue and expand on the new direction that had been adopted in the previous year — creating innovative ways for our members to assist CLCs in addition to the usual editing of projects. This year’s focus was also on strengthening existing close partnerships, and looking to build new relationships within the sector.

In May, four members represented the Review in the 'Walk for Justice', which was relaunched this year by Justice Connect and the Law Institute of Victoria. In the early hours of the morning, our members walked throughout the CBD and down by the Yarra River with representatives of the wider legal community to raise awareness about access to justice. This was a fantastic opportunity for the Community Program to broaden its reach in assisting CLCs.

The Community Program also continued its close relationship with the Human Rights Law Centre (‘HRLC’) by producing case notes for their monthly bulletin. The Program produced four case notes in 2017 and our Members found it both engaging and rewarding to produce content in the public interest sphere.

Adrian (one of the 2016 Community Program Coordinators) and I would like to thank participating organisations for their collaboration and generous support of this Program. We would also like to thank our members who continue to demonstrate a strong interest in giving back to the community.

Anushka Seth, 2017 Community Program Coordinator

Members of the Review at the 'Walk for Justice': Anushka Seth, Dan O'Neil, Luisa Borg and Adrian Faelli (left to right)