AGLC4 Committee Report

The AGLC4 Committee is tasked with producing the fourth edition of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. Meetings began at the end of 2015 to ascertain an overview of the revisions and processes that need to be undertaken. The current goal is to produce, by early 2017, a publication that maintains the basic structure and elements of the AGLC3 but contains sufficient updates to ensure its continued relevance and usability over the next several years.

Currently, the Committee is in the preliminary stages of gathering feedback, suggestions, concerns and recommendations from multiple stakeholders in order to ensure that the AGLC4 is a product that may be utilised, not only by law students, but other interested parties within the legal profession.

Workshops will be created in the coming months focusing on specific rules and parts of the AGLC4, whilst also addressing some key themes throughout, in order to ensure that the contributions of multiple stakeholders will direct the committee to the areas of the AGLC3that may need revision.

If you would like to contribute suggestions or feedback, please email