Where Are They Now?

If anyone were to suggest that members of the Review hold overly inflated opinions of themselves (though, surely, no one could think such a thing), you need only direct them to some of the genuinely impressive achievements of our former members.

The past year has found some of our recent alumni taking on some new challenges, across Australia and the world, and hopefully exporting a bit of the Review’s charm along with them.

Study abroad

Irene Han was a General Member, Submissions Coordinator, Assistant Editor and Assistant Editor Training Manager throughout 2013–15, who is now reading for the BCL at Oxford.

‘They’re not kidding when they say “reading for”!’ she said when we checked in with her earlier this year.

Irene said that highlights include lectures with Lord Hoffmann and ‘some pretty spectacular buildings’, while lowlights include ‘extremely poor weather’ and ‘a law library that does not let you borrow books’.

But the most interesting thing Irene says she’s learnt so far is that ‘lack of sunshine makes people sad’.

Still, it makes a nice change from the work of the Review — where Irene recalls her time battling to ‘modernise’ the Assistant Editor guidelines in 2015 by including instructions ‘accompanied by meticulously cropped screenshots’ that didn’t quite manage to keep pace with Apple’s operating system updates and were outdated almost immediately.

Also abroad and likewise buried in reading and the northern hemisphere winter, Merinda Davis (General Member 13–15) is at New York University hard at work studying for the LLM. Matthew Psycharis (General Member 13–14) is tackling the MCL at Cambridge before an expected return to Australia mid-year.

Achievements at home

There are plenty of other stars in the Review sky, too.

Matthew Pierri (Assistant Editor 14–15, Training Manager 15) was awarded the 2016 Rhodes Scholarship for Victoria and will be off to Oxford in September, where he plans to study public policy.

Meanwhile, at the High Court, former Editors are filling influential Associate roles.

Tom Bland (Editor 12) has been Associate to the Hon Justice Geffrey Nettle, while David Foster (Editor 11) is the Senior Associate to the Hon Justice Michelle Gordon — having previously been an Associate to the Hon Justice Kenneth Hayne (Editor 66).

Foster’s editorial colleague Tim Lau (Editor 11) has been an Associate to the Hon Justice Susan Kiefel.

And on a related judicial note, the Review was also delighted to see the Hon Justice Stephen McLeish (Editor 84) appointed to the Victorian Court of Appeal. Justice McLeish gave the inaugural Melbourne University Law Review lecture in 2014 on ‘challenges to the survival of the common law’; challenges he is now in a position to face somewhat more directly.

The fine work of alumni, from throughout the entire history of the Review,in the Australian and international legal community clearly continues.