AGLC4 Committee Report

The AGLC4 Committee continues to make progress on producing the fourth edition of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. In 2016 the Committee engaged in consultations, worked with both Review and MJIL General Members on drafting and editing tasks, and held regular Committee meetings. The AGLC4 is still on track to go to print in 2017, with an online component being concurrently developed in order to ensure the AGLC’s continued relevance and to maintain its prominence in Australian legal academic writing. Having spent many months engaging in lengthy discussions on issues including Oxford commas, dashes, and hyphens, we are confident that AGLC4 will benefit from a more intuitive structure and emphasis on ease of use.

Over the coming months, the Committee will finalise its draft and undertake final edits before sending the finished product to print. If you would like to contribute suggestions or feedback, please email

Danielle El-Hajj, Matthew Harper and Kathleen Phelan, 2016 AGLC4 Committee Members