Community Program Report

In 2016, the Community Program entered its fourth year, with Review members continuing to provide editorial and research assistance to Community Legal Centres (‘CLCs’).

This year, the Community Program adopted a new direction; producing content in addition to the usual editing of projects. The Review has worked on building a more sustainable program, through increasing member engagement and establishing long-term projects. This year’s focus was to continue to increase awareness of the Program in the Not-For-Profit legal sector, whilst building stronger relationships with a number of key centres. To date, the Program has been in contact with over 20 CLCs and has developed close relationships with a few centres in particular.

The Community Program collaborated with a new partner this year, the Tenants Union of Victoria. Members edited an ‘Assignment Kit’, developed by Principal Solicitor Ben Cording. The Kit allows for existing and outgoing tenants to assign the interests and liabilities of the tenancy to incoming tenants.

The Community Program also worked in conjunction with the Disability Discrimination Legal Service (‘DDLS’). Members completed a research project examining the Disability Standards for Education 2005. This project required members to analyse case law on the Standards and produce a research memorandum. The DDLS hopes to use this research as part of a future law reform submission.

Finally, the Program was excited to work with the Human Rights Law Centre (‘HRLC’), producing case notes for their monthly bulletin. The Program produced three case notes for the HRLC in 2016 and our members found it both engaging and rewarding to produce content in the public interest sphere.

The Community Program continues to run each year thanks to the generous support of our members and the participating organisations. The focus going forward will continue to be on the Review giving back to the community (via its members) and on instilling a pro bono culture within our membership.

Adrian Faelli and Anushka Seth, 2016 Community Program Co-ordinators