Human rights in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 era poses challenges for many human rights, including freedom of expression, freedom of movement and the right to health. Many authoritarian governments have seized on the pandemic to restrict civil and political rights in the name of community safety. In Australia, responses to the pandemic have encountered similar criticisms as well as the charge that responses have exacerbated social and economic inequalities. The panel will consider what protection human rights standards offer in the COVID era, how governments have taken them into account and what gaps in human rights law the pandemic reveals.

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Moderated by: Professor Hilary Charlesworth, Melbourne Laureate Professor

Panellists:  David Manne (Executive Director, Refugee Legal), Elaine Pearson (Australia Director, Human Rights Watch), John Tobin (Francine V McNiff Professor in Human Rights Law, MLS)

This event is part of Melbourne Law School's expert panel series focusing on the current and predicted effects of Covid-19. Our academics and industry partners will discuss legal matters such as financial wellbeing, constitutional government, labour law enforcement, human rights, privacy and much more.

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