Violating Peace: Sex, Aid and Peacekeeping

Dr Jasmine-Kim Westendorf has published her monograph Violating Peace: Sex, Aid and Peacekeeping.

Her book investigates sexual exploitation and abuse by military peacekeepers and non-military interveners associated with peacekeeping operations, including civilian peacekeepers, aid workers, private contractors and diplomats.  It is based on extensive field research in Bosnia, Timor-Leste, and with the UN and humanitarian communities in New York and Geneva. The book seeks to understand the nature and causes of sexual exploitation and abuse, as well as long term impacts sexual misconduct by international interveners has on the outcomes of peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.  It documents how such abuses undermine the capacity of the international community to achieve its goals in peace and humanitarian operations, and its legitimacy in the eyes of local and global populations. The book is not a lofty academic piece, it is grounded in the realities of the work that people do in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, and it is written for a broad audience of policy-makers, practitioners, diplomats, the generally interested public, and academics.

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