Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities 2017 grant

Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law Co-Director Anna Chapman was part of a successful team led by the University of Technology Sydney for a LIEF grant. We congratulate Anna on this achievement.

Professor Andrew Mowbray; Dr Philip Chung; Professor Andrew Stewart; Professor Graeme Orr; Associate Professor Anna-Louise Chapman; Associate Professor Shae McCrystal; Professor Mark Bray; Professor Peter Sheldon; Professor Michael O'Donnell; Dr Jillian Murray; Dr Michael Rawling; Mr Anthony O'Donnell (administering organisation UTS)

Comprehensive free access to Australian industrial and workplace law



This project aims to develop an ‘Australian Industrial and Workplace Relations Law Library’ on AustLII. The project will make relevant current law searchable in one location; digitise decisions contained in the major industrial law report series published since Federation; scan other key resources; add dynamic virtual databases; develop data mining tools to better recognise citation information in printed industrial law materials; and develop citation analysis, visualisation and other analytical tools for industrial and workplace law research. The project hopes to improve research in the field of Australian industrial and workforce relations system and the history and development of work in Australia, and inform policy and debate.