CELRL members' recent submission: Vulnerable Workers Bill

Centre members Dr Tess Hardy and Associate Professor Joo-Cheong Tham made a submission to Parliament of Victoria into the Vulnerable Workers Bill.

Read the submission here.

Joo-Cheong Tham is an Associate Professor at the Melbourne Law School and Director of the Electoral Regulation Research Network, an initiative sponsored by the New South Wales Electoral Commission, Victorian Electoral Commission and the Melbourne Law School. His publications include Money and Politics: The Democracy We Can’t Afford; and The Funding of Political Parties: Where Now?. He has written four reports on political finance laws for the New South Wales Electoral Commission. Joo-Cheong regularly gives evidence to parliamentary inquiries into political funding and his opinion pieces in this area have been published in The Age, Australian Financial Review, Guardian and Sydney Morning Herald.

Tess Hardy is a Lecturer in the Melbourne Law School and a member of the CELRL. Tess' published work deals mostly with the enforcement of employment regulation, and the respective regulatory roles played by government labour inspectorates and non-state actors, such as unions, employer associations and lead firms