Expressions of interest for funding now open

ERRN Research Collaboration Initiative is now seeking expressions of interest for projects to be funded in 2016 - 2017.


One of the objectives of the Electoral Regulation Research Network (ERRN) is to ‘facilitate research collaboration amongst academics, electoral commissions and other interested groups on the topic of electoral regulation’. The Network’s Research Collaboration Initiative advances this objective by facilitating research collaboration between electoral commissions and academics through the provision of grants for research projects that deal with long-term challenges for the regulation of elections in Australia.

ERRN is seeking expressions of interest for projects to be funded in 2016-2017 through its Research Collaboration Initiative. Two topics have been identified as priority areas of research for this round of funding:

  1. Enhancing electoral participation of groups under-represented in the electoral process; and
  2. The implications of changes in the forms of voting on the electoral system (including pre-poll voting, electronic voting and postal voting).

Up to two projects lasting two years will be funded in this round. Each project will be funded to the amount of $30,000. Proposed projects should include the involvement of one or more electoral commissions, preferably with electoral commission staff as part of the project team. Funded projects are to produce a report that will be made publicly available on the ERRN website.

In 2014, the first round of grants made through the Research Collaboration Initiative funded two projects: 1) The Challenge of Informed Voting; 2) Enhancing Local Government Democracy: the City of Melbourne. Reports of these projects are available at:

Questions regarding this EOI should be directed to Associate Professor Joo-Cheong Tham, Director of the Electoral Regulation Research Network (Email:


Completed expressions of interest should include all the information listed below, and should be submitted to Cathryn Lee, the ERRN Administrator, by Monday, 16 May 2016 by email ( These expressions of interest will be assessed by the ERRN Governance Board with applicants being notified in July 2016 of the outcomes.


  1. Details of project leader: Please provide the name and contact details of the project leader.
  2. Members of the project team (no more than one A4 page): Please list the members of the project team, their institutional affiliations and their expertise as is relevant to the research proposal.
  3. Research proposal (no more than one A4 page): Please explain:
    1. How the research proposal fits within one of the priority areas;
    2. The key questions of the proposal;
    3. Its methodology;
    4. Timeline;
    5. Key outputs.
  4. Role of project team (no more than half an A4 page): Please indicate the contributions to be made by each project team member and how the team proposed to work collaboratively and cohesively (including the process for planning the project and writing up its findings, the project’s meeting schedule and how the project team seeks to ensure the integration of academic and electoral commission expertise).
  5. Budget (no more than half an A4 page):
    Please indicate the key items of expenditure to be funded by the $30,000 grant.

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