Former Dean's portrait unveiled

Melbourne Law School community members joined to celebrate the unveiling of Professor Michael Crommelin’s portrait in June.

Melbourne Law School staff, students and friends gathered together for the unveiling of the portrait of former MLS Dean Professor Michael Crommelin AO.

The portrait was commissioned in 2017 as part of the Law School’s 160th anniversary celebrations, to acknowledge the contribution made by Professor Crommelin who served as Dean of MLS in 1989–2002, 2003–2007 and 2010–2011.

The painting, by international award-winning artist Evert Ploeg, is titled ‘Connectivity’.

According to Ploeg, the portrait was inspired by Professor Crommelin’s comments about the importance of connections, not only within the walls of the Law School but also beyond it.

In the spirit of connectivity, a band made up of MLS staff and students played at the event to mark the occasion. The trio comprised Associate Professor Andrew Godwin on the violin, first-year JD student Stephen Watson on the piano and second-year JD student Zoe Barker on the cello.

Professor Crommelin thanked the Law School, his family and the artist – remarking that he “owe[d] an enormous debt” to the artist.

“While I still don’t know how he did it, I am enthralled by the result,” Professor Crommelin said.

Professor Crommelin’s portrait will be installed on Level 9 of Melbourne Law School.

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