Friday 20 July Programme

Friday 20 July Programme


Plenary 4.1

The Hon Justice Mark Leeming (New South Wales Court of Appeal), ‘Statutes in the Law of Obligations — The Multidimensional Form/Substance Distinction’


Parallel 4a

Panel I: Room 108

  • Matt Dyson (Oxford), ‘Times a-changin: the relative appeal of formalism and substance in tortious legal development’
  • Kylie Burns (Griffith), ‘Substance and Social Facts in Tort Cases in the UK Supreme Court’

Panel II: Room 109

  • Chee Ho Tham (SMU), ‘Is the rule in Dearle v Hall a mandatorily formal rule?’
  • John Mee (Cork), ‘Justifying Restitutionary Liability for Mistaken Payments: Autonomy, Property and Nullity’

Panel III: Room 102

  • Elise Bant & Jeannie Paterson (Melbourne), ‘Form and Substance in Misleading Conduct’
  • Rachel Leow (NUS), ‘The Unity of Agency?’


Morning tea, first floor


Parallel 4b

Panel I: Room 108

  • Lusina Ho (Hong Kong), ‘The Substance of Equitable Accounting and Proprietary Claims’
  • Samuel Williams (Oxford),‘Non-Counterfactual Claims Against Trustees’
  • Katy Barnett (Melbourne), ‘Constructive Trusts over Bribes - Substance over Form Should be Preferred’

Panel II: Room 109

  • Nick Sage (LSE), ‘The Significance of Contracting Inter Absentes’
  • Sirko Harder (Sussex), ‘The Requirement of Consideration for One-Sided Contract Modifications’
  • Tim Rogan (Cambridge), ‘Form, Substance and Fairness in Contract’

Panel III: Room 102

  • Hanna Wilberg (Auckland), ‘The Interplay Between Formal and Substantive Reasoning in the Duty of Care Enquiry in Negligence’
  • Sarah Fulham-McQuillan (Trinity College Dublin), ‘Is there a Sufficient Balance Between Substance and Form in Duty of Care and Damage in Negligence Law?’
  • Kay Young & Michèle Ducharme (Dept of Justice, Canada), ‘Public authority liability in Canada – bringing substance back into formal duty of care analysis’


Lunch, first floor


Parallel 4c

Panel I: Room 108

  • Zhong Xing Tan (NUS), ‘From Form to Substance: The Cautious Emergence of the Proportionality Principle in Contract Law’
  • Judith Skillen (KCL), ‘Proportionality in Private Law’

Panel II: Room 102

  • Ben McFarlane (UCL), ‘Substance and Form in Equity’
  • Yip Man (SMU), ‘Modern Equity: At the Edge of Formal Reasoning?’


Afternoon tea, first floor


Plenary 4.2

  • William Swadling (Oxford), ‘In Defence of Formalism’
  • Robert Stevens (Oxford), ‘The Priority of Form over Substance’


Plenary 4.3

Closing plenary panel: Reflections on form and substance in the law of obligations

  • The Rt Hon Sir Jack Beatson FBA (former Lord Justice of Appeal, England and Wales)
  • Professor Lusina Ho (Hong Kong)
  • Professor Barbara McDonald (Sydney)
  • Professor Kit Barker (Queensland)


Closing drinks, first floor