Thursday 19 July Programme

Thursday 19 July Programme


Plenary 3.1

Professor Birke Häcker (Oxford), ‘Substance Over Form — Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far?’


Parallel 3a

Panel I: Room 108

  • Mark P Gergen (UC Berkeley), ‘Equitable Wrongs’
  • TT Arvind (Newcastle UK) and Ruth Stirton (Sussex), ‘Form, substance, and institutions: revisiting the restitutionary critique of equity’

Panel II: Room 109

  • Nicole Moreham (Wellington), ‘Deconstructing the privacy tests in English and New Zealand tort law’
  • Luke Rostill (Oxford), ‘Formal and Substantive Reasoning and Strict Liability in Conversion’

Panel III: Room 102

  • Jason Varuhas, (Melbourne), ‘Contractual Discretion’
  • Krish Maharaj (Manitoba), ‘To run in thin air - Why Bhasin v Hrynew and "good faith obligations" need a firmer footing’


Morning tea, first floor


Parallel 3b

Panel I: Room 108

  • Robyn Honey (Murdoch), ‘The Relationship between Form and Substance in Equity in the 21st Century: Learning from “the Mess” that is the Law of Undue Influence’
  • Prue Vines (UNSW), ‘Undue Influence in the probate court - a turnaround?’
  • Jodi Gardner (Cambridge), ‘Beyond Procedural Fairness: Reconceptualising Freedom of Contract’

Panel II: Room 109

  • Eli Ball (NSW Bar), ‘Advocate's Immunity in Australia: Private Law Form, Public Law Substance’
  • David Capper (Queen's Belfast), ‘Can the Advocate's Immunity Rule be Justified?’
  • Phillip Morgan (York), ‘The Case for Volunteer Protection’

Panel III: Room 102

  • Chaim Saiman (Villanova), ‘Form & Substance in in Anglo-American Law: Reassessing Atiyah and Summers one generation later’
  • Ben Chen (Sydney) & Jeffrey Gordon (Columbia), ‘Interpretive Formalism in the Law of Obligations: Thirty Years After Form and Substance’
  • Marcus Moore (Oxford), ‘“The Canadian Way”? What the Common Law of Obligations Can Learn from Canadian Courts’ Distinctive Middle Path Between Excessively Formal and Excessively Substantive Reasoning’


Lunch, first floor


Parallel 3c

Panel I: Room 108

  • Pey-Woan Lee (SMU), ‘Form, Substance and Recharacterisation’
  • Kelvin Low (City U of Hong Kong), ‘Intangible Property: A Chose by Any Name?’

Panel II: Room 109

  • David McLauchlan (Wellington), ‘Form and Substance in Contract Damages’
  • Giuseppe Bellantuono (Trento), ‘Beyond Form and Substance in Multi-Level Contract Law’

Panel III: Room 102

  • Sandy Steel (Oxford), ‘The Concept of Loss’
  • Václav Janeček (Oxford/Prague), ‘A Theory of Public Damages’


Afternoon tea, first floor


Parallel 3d

Panel I: Room 108

  • Solène Rowan (LSE), ‘The “Legitimate Interest in Performance” in the Law on Penalties’
  • Nicholas Tiverios (UCL), ‘Engaging the New Australian Law of Penalties: When does a contractual clause attract judicial scrutiny?’


Panel II: Room 109

  • Craig Rotherham (Nottingham), ‘The Death of Waiver of Tort’
  • James Goudkamp (Oxford) and Eleni Katsampouka (Oxford), ‘Formal and substantive reasoning in the Anglo-Australian law of punitive damages’

Panel III: Room 102

  • Tobias Barkley (La Trobe), ‘Judicial Review of Trustee Discretion and the Courts' Preference for Formal Rules’
  • Mark Bennett (Wellington), ‘Trusts law - Form over Substance or substance over form?’


Plenary 3.2

Professor Liam Murphy (NYU), ‘The Formality of Contractual Obligation’

6.30 for 7.00 dinner

Conference Dinner

Woodward Conference Centre

Melbourne Law School, tenth floor