Wednesday 18 July Programme

Wednesday 18 July Programme

All day


Melbourne Law School, first floor


Plenary 2.1

Professor Andrew Burrows QC (Hon) FBA (Oxford), ‘Form and Substance: Fictions and Judicial Power’


Parallel 2a

Panel I: Room 108

  • Desmond Ryan (Trinity College Dublin), ‘Form and Substance - A “Close Connection” in Vicarious Liability?’
  • Christine Beuermann (Newcastle UK), ‘The Abstraction of Form and the Associated Dangers for the English Courts: The Case Study of Vicarious Liability’

Panel II: Room 109

  • Andrew Robertson (Melbourne), ‘The Form and Substance of Equitable Estoppel’
  • Ying Khai Liew (Melbourne), ‘Prima Facie Expectation Relief in the Australian Law of Proprietary Estoppel: Formal or Substantive?’

Panel III: Room 102

  • Steve Hedley (Cork), ‘How can we make private law better?’
  • Frederick Wilmot-Smith (Oxford), ‘Legal Disagreements’


Morning tea, first floor


Parallel 2b

Panel I: Room 108

  • Paula Giliker (Bristol), ‘Severing the plant from the root: Political change and the interpretation of transplanted law’
  • Jason W Neyers (Western Ontario), ‘Form and Substance in the Tort of Deceit’
  • Greg Bowley (Toronto), ‘Steampunk Liability? Form, Substance, and Nothingness in Conspiracy to Injure’

Panel II: Room 109

  • Niamh Connolly (UCL), ‘Is the balance between formal rules and substantive justice in English unjust enrichment law shifting?’
  • KV Krishnaprasad (Oxford), ‘Unjust Enrichment and Countervailing Legal Obligations: From Rules to Reasons’
  • Ajay Ratan (London Bar), ‘Reason Reloaded: How to Inform the Unjust Enrichment Formula’

Panel III: Room 102

  • James Lee (KCL), ‘Tort Law in Top Courts: Bad Form and Addictive Substance?’
  • Dan Priel (Osgoode Hall), ‘Two Forms of Formalism’


Lunch, first floor


Parallel 2c

Panel I: Room 108

  • Joanna McCunn (Bristol), ‘Contra Proferentem: The Chameleon of Contract Law’
  • Kelry Loi (NUS/Oxford), ‘The Heart of the Matter: The Substance of Contracts and Exemptions’

Panel II: Room 109

  • Ellen Rock (ANU), ‘Misfeasance in public office: a tort of substance’
  • Neil Foster (Newcastle NSW), ‘Form, Substance and Sheep Overboard: The 'Type of Harm' Rule in the Civil Action for Breach of Statutory Duty’

Panel III: Room 102

  • Rosemary Langford (Melbourne), ‘Form and Substance in Fiduciary Law - Directors and Corporate Opportunities’
  • Joshua Getzler (Oxford), ‘Preemption and Crown fiduciary duties’


Afternoon tea, first floor


Parallel 2d

Panel I: Room 108

  • Caspar J F Bartscherer (UCL), ‘The Primary/Secondary Chimera’
  • Peter Jaffey (Leicester), ‘Remedial Consistency in Private Law’

Panel II: Room 109

  • Simon Connell (Otago), ‘Consensus, correction and conscience: formal and substantive reasoning in the requirements for rectification’
  • Timothy Liau (Oxford), ‘Re-forming privity: third party rights, or third party standing?’

Panel III: Room 102

  • Kumaralingam Amirthalingam (NUS), 'Negligence and the False Dichotomy of Substance and Form'
  • Craig Purshouse (Liverpool), ‘The Form and Substance of the Breach Element of Negligence: A Utilitarian Explanation’


Plenary 2.2

Professor Matthew Harding (Melbourne), ‘Trusts and Purposes’


Drinks and light meal, first floor